Shanghai Fisheries Group Longmen Food Co.,Ltd.



Shanghai Fisheries Group Longmen Food Co., Ltd., as one of the fully owned subsidiaries under Shanghai Fisheries Group, mainly focuses on international and domestic aquatic product trading. It occupies a land of over 70,000 sqm, with a 307m shoreline of Huangpu River, a cold-store of 18,000 tons of holding capacity and an industrial park of 57,000sqm for food processing on it, which makes Longmen Food capable of dealing in cold-storing, cold chain logistics, research and development, deep processing as well as international and domestic trading etc.

Guided by the strategy of the Group, Longmen Food attaches great importance to the construction of the quality ocean protein supply chain. Based on the business of industrial park operation and cold-store service provision, Longmen Food would seize the market opportunities by taking advantage of its acquisition capability of the world-wide quality seafood, setting up a trading passage from Abroad to China and building up an efficient cross-border sales and purchase network. Longmen Food has been promoting the construction of the terminal outlets, both online and offline, including Tmall, We-shop, supermarkets, self-owned stores, group meal, hotels and restaurants. Longmen Food, with its two premium brands “LONGMEN” and “SHUIJINYANG” aims for raising the quality and fame of the brands, bringing innovative services, improving provision capacity and being committed to making greater contributions to creating a quality life for the people.